Personal Dictionaries

All the words you learn are in one place


Personal Dictionaries is a free online service that can help you create your own word lists and learn them.

Create your own word lists
Ready-made word collections which you can copy, edit and use
Get automatic translation
Get high-quality pronunciation
Special field for examples and notes
Share dictionaries with your friends or students
Learn! Yes, there is a special tool for learning words.
Free. You can pay and donate only if you want.


Create and add words, examples and notes

Myefe Personal Dictionary is not just a word list. To each word you can add an example or note.

The service provides a word translation and for some languages pronunciation and transcription.

Learn words

It is not easy to learn foreign languages. We know it.

Exercises, spaced repetition calendar and reminder. Points system with automatic selection of words that are difficult to memorize.

Yes, we have equipped the service with everything you need to learn words efficiently and conveniently.

Keep everything clear and structured

The service allows you to create many separate dictionaries, assign tags to them, add to favorites.

It will help you to maintain order among a large number of words.

Share dictionaries

No matter who you are - a student or a teacher.

If you are a teacher, you can create word lists and share them with your students in two clicks.


1 month $4
3 months $7
6 months $9
12 months $12
Without subscription With subscription
Words limit 350 10 000
Student Pack

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