Hello, dear friends!

We are happy to greet you on our website.

We are a team, enthusiastic about learning languages. We know like no one else (as we are not native speakers of English) how challenging it is to learn foreign languages. We are aware of all difficulties that language learners might encounter – from pronunciation to learning words. So, we would like to help you make the process of learning English a bit easier.

Here, on our website, you’ll find some useful online tools that can become indispensable to you for learning English.

We really love our Personal Dictionaries, the service which we devised at first only for ourselves as an instrument for learning English words. So, it’s unique in its kind as we created it the way we see it. We wanted to make Personal Dictionaries easy and comfortable to use and hope that we’ve managed to do it. The service now is used by many people every day. And we are proud to say that more than 100,000 dictionaries with about more than 5,000,000 words have been created so far.

We really hope that you will also become part of our community of people who know what they want and who are ready to take responsibility for their education.

Best regards,

Oleg and Lana from Myefe